Driftveil City. After you go west through Route 5 and cross Driftveil Drawbridge, you reach Driftveil City. For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, Driftveil City Gym Map by KeyBlade999. However, the game does not mean it's exactly the same as Black & White. Cragonos, between Routes 15 and 16. The older one refuses to go steal pokémon with the new guy because he's learned that stealing is wrong. East leads to the Driftveil City Gym (which is close at the moment) and west leads to Route 6. You can’t head down the stairs leading west, so instead head east. Driftveil City is an ex-cargo shipping area which spawned into a city under Clay. Frostveil City is a city built on the peaks of the eastern part of Mt. He’ll come over and begin talking with you. Driftveil City is located in Western Unova. Most noteworthy is that the map of the Unova region has various old areas covered in ice. For now, however, we’re heading up the stairs! The seventh Gym is located here, in addition to some strange secrets that lurk beneath the city. Many Foongus live on this route, some taking the appearance of item balls on the overworld map. Driftveil City is a city in the Pokémon series located in the Unova region and has appeared in the fifth generation games. The city has a large market where numerous rare items can be found and purchased. 1 Places of interest 1.1 Market 1.2 Lighthouse 1.3 Docks 1.4 Move tutor 1.5 Driftveil Gym 1.6 Move lover's house 2 Important residents Near the entrance of Driftveil, you find a new Team Plasma Grunt talking to an old one. Driftveil City Gym - Unova Gym #5 Driftveil City Gym - Unova Gym #5 Driftveil City Gym - Unova Gym #5 [[| League]] [[| League]] Driftveil City Location File:Unova Driftveil City Map.png Location of Driftveil City in Unova. In Black 2 and White 2, one Hidden Grotto is located just north of Pokémon Breeder April and another one in front of the Mistralton Cave entrance (Surf required). Four paths connect with the city: Driftveil Drawbridge is to the East, Route 6 is to the North West, the Pokemon World Tournament is … Driftveil City (Japanese: ホドモエシティ Hodomoe City) is a major ocean port city in western Unova. To what extent, is not currently known. Map description: A recently discovered passage that leads to the Relic Castle. Driftveil is a fairly community driven community, with a free market luring visitors using the city’s shipping and cargo holding facilities. ex-Team Plasma. You’ll come upon the Old Team Plasma Grunt from before. Route 4 has had its construction work complete, Driftveil City has had major changings and more. It is built so high up in the mountains that it is at a higher altitude than Anthian City — in fact, this city is the highest point of Roria. Considering the gym leader’s penchant for mining as well, it would seem Driftveil is doing fine for supplies. It has strong wind currents popular with sail-boaters.
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