In response, Balan gave his consent. Gemini informs Singaperumal of Teja's activities; Teja is caught smuggling narcotics, is prosecuted, and serves a term in prison. What are synonyms for podu? Though he had planned to make Murali a villain at the end of the film, Saran decided against it because he was "amazed to see awe in everyone's eyes when Murali entered the sets and performed". Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; Tamil Technical Brutannica 02:02, 13 April 2015 (UTC) It's just colloquial Tamil, and has no exact meaning. However, the slang is da is mostly used for boys, and at times, the phrase Poda is also used for girls as Podi. I used to go to college from my house in Aminjikkarai by bus and many of the incidents that you see in my films are inspired by those days. pod in Tamil translation and definition "pod", English-Tamil Dictionary online. Gemini's trick works, and they are released. [47] The track, picturised on Rani and Vikram and choreographed by Ashok Raja, was sung by Anuradha Sriram. The revived project was announced in August 2001. both essentially mean - 'get lost' or 'get out' or quite simply 'go away' but with a slight rude touch 'poda' is used FOR males. [10] The choreography was by Super Subbarayan (action) and Suchitra, Brinda and Ashok Raja (dance). The cast includes Kalabhavan Mani as the main antagonist while Vinu Chakravarthy, Manorama and Thennavan portray significant roles. [18] Saran was convinced after seeing a photograph of Rathod and cast her; Gemini thus became her debut Tamil film. "[31], The performance of the lead also earned mixed response. IPA: /ˈpɑd/, /ˈpɒd/; Type: verb, noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; Tamil Research Institute - TRI. Made at an estimated cost of ₹40 million (US$560,000), the film earned ₹210 million (US$2.9 million) at the box office and became the highest-grossing Tamil film of the year. [46][87][88] D. Govardan of The Economic Times stated, "A neatly made 'masala' (spice) film, with the song O Podu.. as its USP, it took off from day one and has since then not looked back". [71] Following the internet phenomenon of "Why This Kolaveri Di" in 2011, "O Podu" was featured alongside "Appadi Podu", "Naaka Mukka" and "Ringa Ringa" in a small collection of South Indian songs that are considered a "national rage" in India. Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu wrote that the "Vikram style" action film was more of a stylised fare as realism was a casualty in many sequences. [24] The lyrics of "Deewana", sung by Sadhana Sargam, had some Hindi words as it was picturised on the heroine, a typical Marwari woman from Sowcarpet for whom Hindi comes naturally. [69], In 2009, Mid Day wrote, "O podu is still considered the cornerstone of the rambunctious koothu dance". [14], – Vikram, on how he approached his role. "podi" means tell a girl to go off someone's eyesite without respect... this is not a bad word taking rights on that girl meaning that you are my friend or lover or sister whatever it is... Poodi means go from here... and you are poodi means you are telling a girl to go. Accompanied by his gang, he arrives at a magistrates' court for a hearing. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; Tamil Technical Terminologies. – Saran, when queried if the film was inspired by a real life incident. On the director's insistence, the term was then incorporated into and mixed with the title song, resulting in the item number "O Podu". [35] Initially, a small footage featuring Vikram and Kiran was sent to the cinemas for screening during the end credits. [7][8], Saran rewrote the script based on gang wars in Chennai and began the project again. "O Podu" What does it mean? [77] Vikram, who was a struggling actor for almost a decade, credited Gemini as his first real blockbuster. pod translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for pod not sure, but in tamil poda means go away man and pode means go away girl.. so maybe thats the same in malayalam? 1 decade ago. [5], Gemini is widely believed to be Mani's first Tamil film,[20][21] though he had already starred in Vaanchinathan (2001). Last Update: 2020-10-28 Usage Frequency: ... Tamil. D. Ramanaidu of Suresh Productions—the co-producer of the Telugu remake—said, "The story of a rowdy sheeter turning into a good man is a good theme". 'O Podu' from Gemini: Who doesn't know what the refrain 'O podu' means in Tamil Nadu? D. Govardan of The Economic Times wrote, "The film's success has catapulted its hero, Vikram as the most sought after hero after Rajinikanth in the Tamil film industry today". "podi" means tell a girl to go off someone's eyesite without respect... this is not a bad word taking rights on that girl meaning that you are my friend or lover or sister … Information about Podcast in the free online Tamil dictionary. Gemini is infuriated and confronts Teja to settle the issue. Saran persuaded Mani to allot dates for twelve days to complete his scenes. [c][86] The film's success was largely attributed to the popularity of the song "O Podu". "[64] However, Sify found the cast to be the film's major drawback and scrutinised, "Vikram as Gemini is unimpressive [...] Kalabhavan Mani an excellent actor hams as he plays a villain [...] Top character actor Murali is also wasted in the film. Oosupodu…oorukodhu. The music was composed by Bharadwaj and the lyrics were written by Vairamuthu. See comprehensive translation options on! At Opodo you can find the best deals for flights to Madurai, Tamil Nadu departing from over 15 cities and choose from a variety of services that will improve your time at the airport and guarantee a much better travel experience, such as priority boarding and additional luggage. [62], The film ran successfully in theatres for more than 125 days. By this time, the Tamil film industry was coming to a consensus that I was definitely going the Kamal way--supposedly I show the same commitment, same dedication and choose scripts that are strong and … This 2002 song from the film directed by Saran and … Quality: Good in specific context. [13][48][49][50] For the song, Vikram performed "savu koothu", a type of funeral dance common in Tamil Nadu. Poda Podi Meaning Po is Tamil for go, while da is the very commonly used slang. [25] Pearl of lauded Saran's "racy" screenplay but found the plot "hackneyed" and reminiscent of Saran's Amarkalam. I am imprisoned in her thoughts…Why is this happening to me? [44] When the director wanted a catchphrase for a song, Vairamuthu suggested using the term and building on it. [56][57] He was overwhelmed by the response and, having already worked as a voice artist and singer, offered to sing his version of the song to which the producers agreed. 7 Answers. I was fascinated by the incident. [103][104] In 2013, a Kannada remake was reported to have been planned with Upendra in the lead, but he dismissed the reports as rumours. [32][33] Part of the song sequence was filmed on a sledge in Switzerland, making it the second Indian film to have done so after the Bollywood film Sangam (1964). [25] The song enjoyed anthem-like popularity[65][66] and according to V. Paramesh, a dealer of film music for 23 years, sold like "hot cakes". Telugu. The current DGP releases Teja, and together, they urge Gemini to work for them and repay for the losses they incurred, but Gemini refuses. [83] In August 2014, Gemini was featured in a list of "Top 10 Tamil Gangster Films" compiled by Saraswathi of[84]. Malathi Rangarajan analysed, "Be it action or sensitive enactment, Vikram lends a natural touch [...] helps Gemini score. [107] A game-based reality show for children, which was aired between 2003–2004, was titled "O Podu". [5][82] The film's premise of an outlaw reforming his ways was appreciated. Teja returns to his gang and continues his illegal activities. Tamil Translations of Podcast. (Photo included).? On the director's insistence, the term was then incorporated into and mixed with the title song, resulting in the item number "O Podu". [101] Most of the crew members were retained. [5], The characters of DGP Singaperumal and "Chintai" Jeeva were based on Shakeel Akhter and Vijayakumar respectively. ", "Madras' crime gangs: low in number, high on terror", "Vyasarpadi was home to goons for decades", "Gangster Vellai Ravi killed in police encounter", "People started calling me 'O Podu' Bharadwaj", "It is the package that ultimately matters", "Gemini (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – EP", "Gemini strikes gold at the Tamil marquee", "Manikchand Filmfare Awards in Hyderabad", "Campaign to create awareness of Hepatitis B virus launched", "What the marquee looks like this New Year", "April brings cheer to Tamil film industry", "The public is hungry for trend-setting films", "Tamil Cinema 2002: When The Stars Failed", "Manikchand Filmfare Awards: Sizzling at 50", "International Tamil Film Awards 2003 (Malaysia)", "Serious! Is there any grammar error ? Two rowdies wanted to reform themselves and return to the society. It was planned to release the film on 14 November 2001 coinciding with Diwali. She neither let’s me stay nor go. How do you use podu in a sentence? Veedipodhu … [111] During the run-up to the 2006 assembly election, Chennai-based journalist Gnani Sankaran began a social awareness movement to prevent electoral fraud and named it "O Podu" as a short form of "Oatu Podu" meaning "cast your vote". Other slang terms consist of but are not limited to: Weed, Pot, Mary Jane, etc.. … What is the definition of podu? [15], With Vikram cast in the title role, Saran was searching for a newcomer to play the female lead role of a Marwari woman. Usage Frequency: 1. Tamil. What is the meaning of podu? [65][118] In a comical sequence in the film, Dhamu's character claims to be an expert of a martial art form named "Maan Karate" (Maan means "Deer"), which is actually the art of running away like a deer when in danger. When asked about his fascination for "rowdy themes", Saran said: I come from a lower middle class background and have lived all my life in 'Singara Chennai'. I bought this japaneseomamori but I do not know what this means? [120][121], For the 2002 Telugu film with a similar name, see, "Yes. eg. The title is somewhat like a short conversation between a girl and a boy where they both are asking each other to go, as if … Its success, largely attributed to the popularity of "O Podu", resurrected the Tamil film industry, which was experiencing difficulties after a series of box office failures.
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