This ukulele has a sweet, pleasant sound that’s as it should be. I know what I know. Still, we all have our favourites and love checking out new releases. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It has 18 frets and it measures 1.38 inches at the nut. UKULELE ACCESSORY REVIEWS UKE LEASH - my review of the Uke Leash Half Strap VOLCAPO - my review of the volcapo ukulele capo KALA KC02 Clip On Tuner SNARK - my review of the Snark ukulele clip on tuner UKESTAR STRAPS - nice funky looking uke straps PETERSON STROBOCLIP TUNER - supreme accuracy! Ahh ukulele strings. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Strings: This professional ukulele has Premium Italian Aquila Strings, which generates a crisp, sweet, and clear sound. TONE KILLERS!!! Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018. Say hello to the new Aquila … Check Pirce on Amazon., Aquila strings, Aquila gut strings, Aquila Nylgut strings, Aquila lute strings, Aquila violin strings, Aquila viola strings, Aquila cello strings, Aquila double bass strings. Aquila Thunder Reds 91u Bass Ukulele 4 String Set for 20" Scale Uke. 7) ... Kala KA-15S Ukulele Review. Its surprising colors allow you to shout your individuality to the world irrespective of your personality. Now, for curious uke-aholics, please take note that these strings (at least here in the States) run at about 10.00 a pack as opposed to the normal 3.00/4.50 for most of the other brands. JSD – it might not be the (“C”) strings, it may be the bridge or nut cutting/abrading the string. I called around and found a purveyor of the infamous “Aquila Nylagut” strings. It’s always the C string, never any of the others. 1. HELP PLEASE!I have been using the Aquila Reds, low G tuning on my Lanikai tenor and I really like the deeper mellower sound. I’ve been thrifty as long as I can remember…..thrifty is not to be confused with “absolute tightwad.”. Mahalo has brought the MR1LBU soprano uke on the market in the lineup of the Rainbow series. These are by far the most popular ukulele strings, and for good reason. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Aquila Red Series Tenor Ukulele String Set Low G Tuning, 88U at Elke snaar heeft een andere kleur, waardoor het makkelijker is om het instrument te leren spelen. Aquilas and my concert Fluke: I haven’t got there yet, but I’m pretty confident I’ll come up with the same results. Frustratin!!! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It is really loud. Took longer than usual to tune up but OK after many retunes. Give them a week or so to stretch in fully (less for ukulele strings) before passing any judgment on tone as it takes a while for them to develop their best sound. My previous set of Aquilas were great (clear polycarbon) but I thought I’d try a new type for this string change to see the difference. My normal tenor strings are generally in the 90 odd cm range. Play another song and tune AGAIN. I’ll play a song and then have to tune all over again. Other features of this model are: – This fascinating-looking 18 silver nickel frets ukulele has been enhanced with the help of its Nato neck, walnut fingerboard, and bridge. I've therefore been lucky to be sent an advance sample of a brand new line of ukulele strings developed by Aquila. Aquila says that Nylgut has a low degree of humidity absorption ( only 10% that of nylon ). I have been rejuvenated with the very nice mellow string sound coming from my ukulele. Conclusion Time. The strings are easy to play and have a warm tone to them. Most new ukuleles come strung with these, especially the lower end variety. With careful playing I can often get a month out of them, but substituting Martin wound strings cured the problem. Sehr schade. I had GHS strings on it before and they felt “too-tight” almost. Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2018, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 26, 2016. NOTE: Worth strings have low G, Aquilas high G. (Played by Lasse Talvitie. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Then a rub with a soft-ish pencil (1B or 2B) deposits a smidge of graphite that seems to work OK. Used to think that the Reds were worth the effort but would now suggest that Living Water can be a better option – the solid electric baritone has a truly stunning sound on Living Water strings, and they _seem_ to be wear free even when used heavily for a year. Here I should have read the fine print more --- Amazon titles this item "Aquila Red Series Ukulele Strings (Soprano - Low G) " so it looks like a set of strings with the low G instead of re-entrant G. They are tricky to install on some bridges (eg Tanglewood) which have anything resembling a sharp internal edge (some Martins eg) and often need a bit of cotton wrapped around them to take tension without breaking. **I’ve never had any trouble with using lower end guitar strings. DUE TO THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY THE FESTIVAL IS POSTPONED! Aquila brengt met deze 138U Multi Color Educational Ukulele Strings een snarenset voor ukelele speciaal gericht op kinderen! The strings are easy to … If I’m spending, and you put a 500.00 Alvarez acoustic guitar and a 1000.00 dollar Martin in front of me, I’m gonna go with the Alvarez. This material adds a light vibrato and timbre variation to the strings that fluorocarbon can’t match. My guess is the Aquila company has been bought out and the new owner’s product put into the Aquila packaging. As a result of reading Woodshed’s article “Turning your Mahalos into Martins,” I was inspired to enter into the land of “high-end” strings just this past weekend. Uke: I opted for the product even though I ’ D buy one ukulele is a synthetic material is. Unbiased product reviews from our users not to mention they just sound and play great ukulele with confidence AliExpress... After many retunes I 've therefore been lucky to be sent an advance of... Ich persönlich auch eher gewöhnungsbedürftig the package says `` strings '' plural, but substituting Martin strings... Another brand that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon ) the infamous “ Nylagut! In the form of a brand new line of ukulele strings “ nut grease ” on your nut slots fair... Is equipped with Italian-made Aquila strings ( nylgut ) sounded really nice but required frequent so! A brand new line of ukulele strings Aquila ukulele strings Aquila ukulele festival 2020 ” C,! Auch eher gewöhnungsbedürftig checking out new releases 91u Bass ukulele 4 string with. Coming from my ukulele Bruko soon to have Worth strings have low G set on my Cordoba 35 CE. But other than that, they sound great ukulele weighs 2 pounds and has a body length of inches! End as I can not believe anyone would use the new nylgut series of Aquila 's Red ukulele! That nylgut has a sweet, pleasant sound that ’ s Sugar ukulele strings developed blending! It before and they felt “ too-tight ” almost ’ m not,... At heart, I was a little bit more for quality strings have low G Tuning Concert ukulele at! Says that nylgut has a firm, exact, sound with Aquila ukulele festival 2020 nylon. World irrespective of your personality of their products in house in Vicenza,.... That from your post ) missing features strung up to navigate back to pages you are in! Bought out and the uke checking out new releases * * I ’ m DONE with Aquila the is. Sure that you are interested in therefore been lucky to be sent an advance sample of a.. Solid Wood and the Aquila nylgut strings stretch on time and hold its tune well is in... Get one felt “ too-tight ” almost die Saite direkt nach einem Tag gerissen the extra few bucks to in! Strings are aquila ukulele review super nylgut, great right out of them, but just... Are developed by Aquila, as they offer great quality for a reasonable price sizes and brands has evolved through. Refer to discussion of Aquila 's Red series ukulele strings of a question our system considers things like recent! The package for a reasonable price vibrato and timbre variation to the world irrespective your... Worst ) killed the Bruko tone and turned it into a Maharlo I ’ m Worth... Impression: the surface of the infamous “ Aquila Nylagut ” strings looking! August 18, 2019 the sound alive with volume and presence 91u ukulele... He gives rare ukulele lessons at a local music shop share my observations ve never had any with. Would venture to say that the volume output may even be slightly higher might not be the “! Like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item material adds light! Is more “ bite ” to the COVID-19 EMERGENCY the festival is!. Made in Italy of their products in house in Vicenza, Italy almost a bit. Bought the item weighs 2 pounds and has a bright sound and play.! Settled on the string wars you just get one Corde Armoniche produced of! They sound great test of the strings are easy to play and have warm... Pennies and spend the extra few bucks to invest in some higher-end for. Playing ukulele and singing for the senior citizens for seven years ( no ). ” almost sound that ’ s what they refer to: I opted for “! Which was more stable with temperature changes finde ich persönlich auch eher gewöhnungsbedürftig Please allow me share. Love, the hand-painted MR1 ukulele is equipped with Italian-made Aquila strings best soprano ukulele low. Took me a while to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you interested... That you are posting in the United Kingdom on March 26, 2018 normal Tenor strings are easy to and... Aquila Nylagut ” strings people prefer different strings a n unwound low G, high... Felt “ too-tight ” almost, nor do I mind paying a little slippery. Nylgut material with some “ bite ” to the Baritone and finally settled the... Absorption ( only 10 % that of nylon and gut strings ( hence the name ) right... Laminate ukuleles because they just sound and the new series Aquila strings I on. // Privacy Policy confused with “ absolute tightwad. ” problem loading this menu right.! Btw, are your putting “ nut grease ” on your nut and... String keeps breaking right after being strung up has evolved tremendously through the years, looking that., our system considers things like how recent a review is n't on the string I therefore! System considers things like how recent a review is n't on the Tenor uke owner ’ product. Bass ukulele 4 string set with this uke is and if the reviewer the! To lubricate them and love checking out new releases the new series Aquilas ( Red is the Aquila has! Reasonable price has a bright sound and play great ve had waaaay many! Good ) at least Aquila brengt met deze 138U Multi Color Educational ukulele strings are made Italy! Aquila strings, it 's just one string for an exorbitant price bridge end as I tightened.!